WELCOME!  We invite you to meet some special companies…

Charter-Friendly Providers who are Doing Business While Doing Good.

The Charter Marketplace is where schools can SEARCH, FIND and REVIEW companies who conduct business with charter schools. Scroll down to select the category of providers you’d like to check out. Simply use the Category Tool on the lower part of this page.

It is FREE for schools to use Charter Marketplace. Schools can review companies they have done business with and look for products and services that schools need. Choosing is easy as all companies are reviewed by fellow charter schools and reviews are monitored so you know they are authentic. If we notice a poor review for a company we’re happy to step in and try to remedy the situation – just another benefit of being your Association!

Companies pay to join Charter Marketplace and promote their products and services. They can also offer special deals for charter schools on our Exclusive Discounts page.

Connecting you with charter-friendly providers makes your job easier. Enjoy!


CO trusted-seal

What does the TRUSTED PARTNER symbol mean? When you see this symbol, you can rest assured this company has been properly vetted by the League. Trusted vendor status is awarded by the League and is not a purchase option. Factors contributing to selection for the status include, but are not limited to, proven performance and experience working with Colorado charter schools. This vetting process identifies key partners who will offer great value to you, our members. These trusted companies agree to provide you with incredible service, value, and expertise. If an issue arises with one of our trusted partners, contact us                    immediately and we’ll help make things right.